Canon installation projectors build on more than 75 years of expertise in image processing and have an unrivalled quality reputation. They combine advanced technologies, optical precision and innovative features for maximum brightness and an unforgettable impact. They also allow you to project beautifully onto virtually any surface, no matter how demanding or specific the project.

The XEED series features LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) panel technology that combines the best of LCD and DLP technology for accurate image reproduction. Instead of using individual mirrors in DLP panels, liquid crystals are used to deliver images at exceptional speed without distortion and without unwanted ‘grid’ or ‘rainbow’ effects.

As you would expect from a leading innovator in imaging technology, the superior quality of Canon’s lenses sets the XEED installation projectors apart. The result? Clearer, better images. Canon’s optical technology ensures that the difference in brightness between different lens types does not result in a substantial decrease in brightness, and that the image is incredibly sharp all over, both in the corners and in the centre.