CTOUCH stimulates interactivity, productivity and involvement during meetings and in classrooms. How? By making the most of the endless possibilities of touchscreens.

CTOUCH has been manufacturing interactive, large-format touchscreens for more than a decade. CTOUCH distinguishes itself in ease of use and innovation. By constantly relaying with technology partners and the actual users of touchscreens, CTOUCH has managed to develop solutions that can be quickly adopted within any organisation. In addition, touchscreens are designed in such a way that they can adapt to the changing needs of their users. Do you currently only have whiteboards and are you planning to start working with Microsoft Teams in a year’s time? Keen to start out in a huddlespace and later move to even more remote collaboration? CTOUCH can provide a solution for all your needs. In addition, we offer support through training at our one and only C-Academy.

Jump on board to discover our innovative vision on the technology of touch displays. Our enthusiastic team of touchscreen enthusiasts helps us achieve this vision day in, day out. When a pinch of inspiration is combined with a touch of technology, anything is possible!