We believe a display is so much more than just a screen.

Every innovation Philips launches is driven by the desire to make a real impact.
From the first Philips Hotel TV over 40 years ago to today’s range of powerful, versatile professional displays. And from the first video wall to our latest borderless LED wall.

High-impact. Innovative. Problem-free.
From first impressions to fruitful collaborations, Philips Professional Displays offers true clarity and impact. Whether you’re rolling out a network of displays and touchscreens for meeting rooms, or you’re looking to keep meetings smooth and efficient with seamless Windows, Apple and Android connectivity via built-in Chromecast and HDMI hotplug detection… Philips has just the solution for you!

Since the production of the first Philips light bulb more than 128 years ago, innovation and a people-centred approach have been the core values of the company.

Philips is committed to developing new technologies as well as innovative and locally relevant professional displays that really make a difference for our customers, partners and stakeholders around the world. We believe this requires a very precise understanding of what people want and need.

Bringing these two pillars – people and innovation – together, allows us to create cutting-edge technology that meets people’s requirements and wishes.

Meaningful innovations in the field of displays that help companies communicate their message effectively and clearly to end users, with an eye for the environment. This is what sets Philips apart from its competitors and defines us as a brand and a company.